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Site update 7/19/07
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Written by Thomas Dailey   
Friday, 20 July 2007

Well, I was working on a section that was going to have tons of house rules - basically so many that it wasn't even recognizable as a pure d20 3.5 edition type system... more like a hybrid that could be considered closer to 4.0 - fewer skills (and more uses for those fewer skills), different base classes (far fewer, but greatly more flexible), and just tons of simplications and changes.  Of course, then I realized that the game is pretty good how it is, so why should I change it?  Plus, after star wars saga rules came out, they seemed pretty close to many of the rules I was thinking about modifying, and with the drastic changes in that game system, I'm sure its really a beta for the true D&D 4.0 system.

So instead, I'm just dedicating the page that would have the new rule system, to a few of my on going campaigns.  These games have been off and on active for years, so I figured they deserve some more detail and space, and maybe after reading about them some other DM's might want to give them a whirl...  anyway, it can all be found under the homebrew link.


Welcome to the Arcane Project

This site is dedicated to bringing all kinds of new d20 content to the gaming community, all 100% open source and free.  Here you'll find all the base rules for d20 games and plenty of custom user submitted content along with our own "home brew" rules and settings that you can use for your own game.  Please use what you like and feel free to submit your own custom content to our archives.